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The insurance industry is on the move... we will see large numbers of retirements, a continuing wave of technology development, changing legislation, and natural peril.  Insurance Staffing is here to help fill your short- and long-term needs.

Since 1989, our leaders have devoted their careers to recruiting insurance professionals.  Today, we have created, combining our experience, data, technology, and leadership to help insurance employers find outstanding talent.  

We specialize in short- and long-term assignments, special projects, as well as direct placements.  We can quickly identify qualified talent for your specific job needs and get them working in a short period of time.  We specialize in claims, underwriting, customer service, accounting, technology (including Insuretech companies), risk management, account managers, and many other jobs.

Give us a call, chat, or email, and see how can help you!

"The insurance industry is at a crossroads. Retirements and technology lead the headlines, but for companies to grow and stay competitive, they will have to find the best talent.  We certainly can help!"

Roger Lear, Partner

The insurance industry employs 2.8 million workers with an unemployment rate of 1.8%.  The need for insurance talent for the foreseeable future may scare insurance company CEO's. is here to help!"

Scott Kotroba, Partner


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